Supported Data Exports

Analytics allows you to export recorded rowing sessions in various formats. Some of them allow you to easily import the data into third party analysis software, e.g. to maintain a training diary. We do believe that you should be able to work with the data collected with our apps as freely as possible, and that’s why we have added these data exports.

To export data for a logfile, open a logfile’s details and look for the “Exports” box.

The formats we currently support are:

  • Raw: All recorded data at full resolution, as CSV
  • GPX: Location and Speed data only
  • TCX: Location, Speed, Heart-rate, Stroke-rate

Raw Data Export

Our raw data export contains all recorded data in csv file format. This export is useful if you want to perform your own analyses on the measurement data or need it for scientific purposes. It includes several seperate files for the individual types of sensor data we record. The data is exported at full resolution and samples from individual sensors are not aligned automatically. For your convenience the raw data archive provides a 100Hz.csv file with timestamps aligned to 10ms intervals.

GPX Export

This GPX file contains a bit of summary information and metadata as well speed and position data of your rowing session. If possible, you should use TCX (see below) because it contains more information.

TCX Export

Compared to GPX, the TCX file format is more detailed and features heartrate and strokerate information (stored as cadence) for every recorded GPS position. The data is not exported at full resolution, but at the resolution of GPS information recorded by the App (1Hz on most smartphones).

TCX is the most versatile format to export into third-party, general purpose training logbooks such as TrainingPeaks or Strava.