Adding Coaches to your Team

An organisation can have multiple coaches. Coaches are what you can consider the “admins” of an organisation – every coach can perform every action on behalf of the organisation, like adding devices, deleting a logfile, invite other coaches or purchase subscriptions. It is important you consider this before adding someone as a coach to your organisation.

Each coach needs to have his personal Analytics account and can be a coach in one or multiple organisations.

To invite someone to become a coach in an organisation that you manage, navigate to the admin section for your team.

Sending an invitation

The “Coaches” box shows you who is a coach in this organisation with their name and email address. With a click on the “Invite Coach” button you can send an invitation to the person you want to add as a Coach to your organisation. Invitations are sent to an email addresses, so when you e.g. invite to become a coach in your organisation, only an Analytics user with that email address as his account email adress can join your organisation using the invitation.


It is important that email addresses match exactly, so please make sure you use the email address the person you’re inviting has used to create his or her Analytics account.

The invitation email contains a link that the person you’re inviting can click to join the organisation. Invitation links do currently expire after 48 hours. You can of course also send an invitation to a user who does not yet have an Analytics account. In that case, the person you want to add as a coach will be given the chance to create an Analytics account first (using the email address the invitation was sent to) to accept your invitation.