Analyzing a Session

All rowing sessions that you track in the RiM App are automatically recorded for you. A recording captures each and every data parameter of your session so that it is available for later analysis with RiM Analytics, our online based data analysis tool.

Analytics does not only store all your rowing sessions and provide tools to analyze your performance in each individual session. It is also your personal database for keeping track of all your recorded rowing sessions and allow you to create your personal workout log complete with intensity zone analysis or create analysis to see how your rowing performance evolved over time.

You can access RiM Analytics anytime and from any device online at

Uploading to Analytics

Before you can analyze a recorded rowing session with Analytics however, you first need to upload it from the App to the Analytics website.


To review your recorded rowing sessions, navigate to the “My Sessions” view from the root menu. The “Local” tab lists all sessions that are currently stored on your device and have not been uploaded yet to Analytics with their time and date. You can delete a recording without uploading it by performing a left-swipe on the corresponding row in the table.

Uploading and analyzing rowing session with Analytics requires an internet connection.

Reviewing Sessions

Once uploaded, you can select the sessions that have been uploaded from this device on the “Online” tab.


You can see some summary statistics for each session on this view. Clicking on a session will open-up a “quick-analysis” view into our online tool RiM Analytics.


For serious analysis and comparing the session to your previous rowing sessions, e.g. to track your progress with rowing technique, we suggest you access Analytics online at from your browser. Because it’s a web-application, you can access it from your PC and laptop just as well and enjoy working with it on a larger screen.

We provide some very useful guides for using boat acceleration to improve rowing performance in the articles section on the website. We also describe common technique errors and how to detect and correct them with the help of boat acceleration.

For more information on Analytics, please see the online Analytics User Guide.