You can customize global settings for the App in the settings view, which you can access from the root menu. All settings feature a short description and should be mostly self-explanatory. Though, we will describe some of the more complex settings in this section.

Automatic Warnings

This section allows you to disable the automatic warnings intended to warn you about common mounting-related problems (see Mounting). You should not disable these warnings as they indicate a malfunction of the system and you may experience degraded performance (e.g. inaccurate stroke-detection).

Location Lockdown

Disabled by default. If enabled, the App will stop counting distance if it didn’t record a stroke within the last 10 seconds. This has the advantage of only recording true “rowing distance”, however it may cause the session to miss distance covered, e.g. during drills that interfere with stroke-detection like half-crew rowing. If you’re rowing on a river with a lot of current, enabling this option will eliminate distance covered when drifting during rest periods.

Cox Mode

You can use Rowing in Motion in the cox seat too. Simply follow the mounting instructions but reverse the screens’ orientation so that the screen faces the stern instead of the bow. By default the App will assume that the display is facing the bow.

In any case, the App will use the first few strokes (usually 5 to 15) to automatically determine the orientation the device is mounted. When it detects that the device is mounted with the screen facing the stern but cox mode is disabled, it will issue a warning. In a similar way, the App will issue a warning when CoxMode is enabled but the device is mounted facing the bow.