Your First Session

Now that you’ve set up your Team in RiM Analytics and added a Coach and Boat device, we will start your first live telemetry session and upload the recorded rowing session to Analytics.

Working with the Boat Device

You should first make yourself familiar with using the Boat device by starting a “Demo mode” session. In “Demo mode” the App replays a rowing session we recorded for you instead of showing live sensor data. This is very useful to make yourself familiar with the display. We thus want to refer you to these two sections of the App’s guide that describe how to do this:

After you’ve worked through the instructions in these two sections, please return here to try out live-telemetry.

Working with the Coach Device

Successfully used Demo mode? Now that you know how the Boat device works, it’s time to try the live-telemetry feature of the RiM System. For Live Telemetry to work, we need to first ensure both devices are connected to the same WiFi.

Next, you need to start a “Boat” session on the Boat device. The App’s guide Starting a Session section explains how to this.

Of course we are not out on the water yet, so the data we are getting is not very useful. It’s useful enough though to demonstrate how the coach can work with live data received from the boat.

With the Boat session running as in the screenshot above, we need to setup the Coach session next. Start the App on the Coach device and start a “Coach” session.

Please continue with the Coaching section in the App’s guide to learn how to initate the connection, view live data and also record Rowing in Motion Videos.


Rowing in Motion Videos are automatically videos that are automatically synchronized and overlayed with measurement data from the boat. This allows coaches to easily study motion sequences and the corresponding measurement data.


Uploading and Analyzing the Session

Every rowing session in the App is automatically recorded to a logfile. You can upload these recorded rowing sessions to Analytics for further analysis. This is described in the App’s guide section Analyzing a Session.


Since you’ve linked your devices to your Team in Rowing in Motion Analytics, all rowing session uploaded from these devices are automatically stored in your teams database. Thus you can even work with multiple boat devices and record multiple crews simultaneously while collecting all their data in a central place.

Uploaded the Session to Analytics? Great! Of course there’s no sensible data in the recording since we didn’t go out on the water just yet. But if you want to you can now log into your analytics account and the session should appear in your “logfiles” list.