Next Steps

Well done, you now have a fully working RiM For Teams System set up and ready to use on the water.

Using RiM on the Water

To use RiM on the water, you will need to have a mount to attach the smartphone you’re using as a boat device to the shell. Please refer to the Mounting section in the App’s guide for details.

You will also need a portable WiFi hotspot to establish the WiFi connection the boat and coach devices need to relay live-telemetry data. We recommend carrying this hotspot with you on the motorboat and mounting it in an elevated position with a good field of view to all sides. The top of the windshield usually works very well.

Advanced Features

In this guide we covered only the essential features of the system. There are many advanced features in the App and Analytics that will help you create more powerful analysis and give better feedback to your athletes. Feel free to explore these from the menu on the left.