Sonification turns your boat acceleration into an acoustic signal that you can hear instead of having to look at the screen. The App generates a sound that changes in frequency according to the current boat acceleration. This allows the crew to get immediate feedback and can help you coach their “feel” for the boat.

Starting Sonification

When you’re in a rowing session, tap the screen to bring up the toolbar at the top of the screen. Then press the speaker symbol to make the sonification settings appear on screen


Customizing Sonification

You can customize sonification from the settings screen to suit your personal preferences or help focusing on certain aspects of your rowing stroke. Changing “base frequency” variates the pitch of the sound that corresponds to zero acceleration. The “sensitivity” setting describes how big the change in frequency is in relation to the measured change in boat acceleration. For larger boats (4+/-, 8+) you may try higher sensitivities as the absolute level acceleration tends to be smaller in these boat classes due to the increased inertia of the boat and crew.