Sharing Logfiles with an Organisation

One very interesting use case for organisations is sharing logfiles with other coaches. We tend to find this is very useful for handling squad crews that are only able to row together on the weekend and work at their home clubs during the week. With an organisation in Analytics, the Head-Coach of the squad can easily exchange the measurement data with all the other coaches on the team.

An organisation does usually own only the logfiles that have been recorded with devices linked to it. In order to allow using an organisation for sharing logfiles that are owned by a different user or organisation, we have added the “assign logfiles” feature, which allows you to make a selection of logfiles and assign them to an organisation. When you assign a logfile, ownership of it changes and it is now owned by the organisation you have assigned it to.


Logfiles that are owned by an organisation have a small organisation icon on them in the logfiles list. This is useful to discern them from logfiles that may be owned by yourself (i.e. recorded with the RiM Solo App).

Assigning a Logfile

So the first step to assing one or more logfiles to an organisation is selecting those logfiles from the logfiles list.

Now click on the “Assign” button in the toolbar. This opens a prompt which asks you to select the organisation that you want to assign the logfiles to.

Once you have selected an organisation, the logfiles will be assigned to it. You can only assign logfiles to organisations that you are a coach of. Since you are by definition a coach in the target organisation, those logfiles will still be visible to you and you will be able to edit and perform analyses on them.

However any coaches from the “source” organisation may now have lost access to the logfile.


A legitimate question is whether an organisation that you’re using only to share logfiles would need a subscription. Our current policy is to allow the use of organisations (even with expired subscriptions or trials) for sharing logfiles since there’s still a “source” organisation that creates these logfiles and needs a valid subscription for that.