The RiM App also includes a Coach mode. When you start a session in Coach mode, the App will scan the currently connected WiFi for other devices running a RiM Boat Session. Thus, using live-coaching on the water requires to cary a portable WiFi hotspot that establishes the link between these two devices. Our website has a list of recommended portable hotspots.

Connecting to a Boat

The first screen displayed in a coach session shows you a list of all Boat Devices that are in range. No manual configuration is required to set up a connection between Boats and Coaches, everything happens automatically when they are on the same WiFi.

The screen automatically updates as new devices become available or go out of range. For each boat device in range, it displays the name of the device, the last typical stroke pattern as well as speed and stroke rate. There is no limitation to the number of devices you can connect simultaneously.

When you tap on a boat, it will open up the live preview for that boat. The live preview shows exactly the same realtime the device that records and displays data for the crew in the boat. See Rowing a Session for details. To return to the available boat devices view, press the back button in the navigation bar at the top.

Recording Video Anlaysis

Rowing in Motion Videos are automatically videos that are automatically synchronized and overlayed with measurement data from the boat. This allows coaches to easily study motion sequences and the corresponding measurement data.


When you are connected to a boat, simply select the video camera symbol in the toolbar to start the camera preview and record videos using the recording button. After recording is finished the video is copied into your camera roll, from where you can access it using a computer or third-party Apps. We find it is very useful to use a slow-motion player App like VideoPix to review videos frame-by frame. This way RiM videos can help you understand how rowing technique relates to the patterns observed in boat acceleration and what exactly a crew can do to improve their rowing performance.

We provide some very useful guides for using boat acceleration to improve rowing performance in the articles section on the website. We also describe common technique errors and how to detect and correct them with the help of boat acceleration.

Changing Video Resolution

The App supports 3 different video resolutions that you can choose from the Settings. The options available are: 480p, 720p and Best. All videos are recorded at 30FPS, when light conditions permit.

The “best” setting uses the maximum available resolution of your device. This is 1080p on most newer devices but may be the same as 720p on older devices. Choosing a lower video-resolution usually means you can store more videos on the device, since the resulting files are much smaller. An additional consideration is the loss in image quality due to the high compression ratios required for higher resolutions. Depending on your device, a lower resolution may result in better image quality despite the reduction in video resolution.